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Halloween Costumes

Ten funny & cute cat costume ideas for Halloween.

Halloween is around the corner.

Here are 10 Cute and funny cat outfits and adorable cat costume ideas for this upcoming Halloween 2018.

#1 The Japanese cat costume

Always wise & cautious

#2 The pirate cat costume

Brave and courageous. More of a Captain Hook type.

#3 Samurai cat

In adorable blue & red combination.

#4 Robin Hood cat

Are you sure that’s Robin Hood or just another pirate costume?

#5 Police cat costume

Really doing his job. VIgilante.

#5 Musician cat

Adorable, and simply hilarious. Cat loves his guitar.

#4 Lion cat costume

King of the… park.

#3 Cute monkey cat costume

Bananas all day.

#2 Cute Mickey Mouse cat costume

Awww, so adorable

#1 Funny cute kitty nurse costume (Health Nurse Cat)

Lady in pink.