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Baby tries ice cream for the first time

Adorable baby eats ice cream for the first time

First time tasting ice cream Perhaps the most adorable reaction of a baby tasting ice cream for the first time. Video now has been going viral all over social media and the internet. Her eyes widen as she realizes what we all know… Vanilla ice cream is delicious. Join us on Facebook for more cute …

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Adorable toddler dances to Beyonce with corndog in hand

An adorable video of the cutest lil girl is going viral.

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Drawing a cute turkey

How to draw a cute turkey

Learn how to draw a cute and adorable turkey, quick and easy. Step by step tutorial for kids and parents. Happy Thanksgiving! For this turkey we are going to start by drawing his head, so we are going to draw a big curve that goes all the way across. Notice how it is narrow and …

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Albert the turkey giving hugs

Albert the turkey gives hugs

Cute Turkeys Albert the turkey Meet Albert the Turkey. Albert was rescued from being on someone’s table on Thanksgiving and turned out to be a very unique turkey. Not only is Albert a gorgeous turkey, he is a very lovable bird who loves hugs, especially from his owner. Albert lives happily among many friends, shich …

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Ava Ryan as Charlene

Charlene still can’t get her life together

Charlene rants Adorably funny The adorable, funny and very talented young comedianAva Ryan as one of her characters: Charlene. Charlene is living a very stressful and complicated life, It seems like Charlene can’t get her life together… Can you relate? What does it feel like to actually know what you’re doing in life? Cause that …

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Cute dogs riding motorcucles

Cute dogs riding motorcycles

Cute dog vids Adorable Just a chill dog gang cruising on their motorcycles

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Cute baby maracas

Little girl doesn’t want dad to touch her maracas

Cute kids Adorable vids Don’t touch my maracas! Adorable little girl vs dad Cute Adorable Cute kids’ videos on Facebook: Cute Adorable

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Cute babes viral videos

Cute shaky babies

Adorable Cute Baby Videos Adorable babies shaking on machine. More cuteness Find more cute and adorable videos on our Facebook: Cute Adorable

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Best friends ready for photoshoot

Boy and dog Cute friendship Labradoodle and boy get matching shirts, and pose for photoshoot. So much cuteness!

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Cute puppy eating

Puppy gets excited eating his food

Cute puppies Adorable vids Cute puppy gets too excited as he eats his food… notice how his legs go up high in the air not knowing how to control his happiness. Cute puppy videos Find more adorable and cute videos on Facebook: Cute Adorable

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