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Cute Pomeranians

5 Adorable Pomeranian dogs

Cute puppy looking in the window
Loving the view in Los Cabos

Enjoy this collection of adorable Pomeranian dog pics.

Pomeranian stuffed puppies

Check out this adorable stuffed puppies… Can you spot the real one?

Cute baby pomeranian

Here’s a hint

Smiling pomeranian
Cute smiling pomeranian

Hey! What are you laughing at?

Cute puppy dogs
Pomeranian puppies

Look at that tiny thing! He looks so fierce

Cute panda dog
Panda dog

Real or fake?

Awww, either way, this is an adorable fluffy black and white little fella

Did you know?

The Pomeranian is also known as Pom or Pom Pom.

This breed has been the dog of choice for many royal owners since the 18th ┬ácentury. Since the time Queen Victoria owned a very small Pomeranian, the toy-size variety became very popular worldwide, in fact during Queen Victoria’s lifetime alone, the size of the breed decreased by 50%

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