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Adorable compilation

Did you have a nap today?
I didn’t
Well, you need one
Dno I Don’t!

I wan’t you to change, that doesn’t look good.
What doesn’t look good?
Your Sweater
I personally think I look just fine
No daddy!

Where is that at?
In my tummy
Right now?
I knew it!
Before you were fat

Eye shadow
What is tthis?
Lip gloss
I’ve already got some
Are you kidding santa?

What did you wish for?
I wished for big boobies

Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things

Am I Fat?
No, not very fat
Just a little bit’

Cute comppilations

Merry Christmas,
time to get up
Time for breakfast

I have to warn you oI had diarrea last night

Who’s clothes are you washing?

Granddaddies, and grandmas
That’s right, you are helping them out
“OI like that one”

This is a bad secret…
I peed in my pants