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An adorable compilation of viral videos of kids and babies, cute and fun moments caught on camera (and a couple mean ones). Video by kyoot kids

Kids’ compilation

Kid just had his first kiss and describes it “It goes to my brain, it goes to my heart”, scaring a poor little kid, baby slaps table and catches cheerio in her mouth, NOO! baby attempts to grab a glass (hilarious)

Adorable kids viral videosKid with floaters tries to eat Oreo and fails, cute baby gets scared after watching a jumping toy, adorable twins share and fight for a pacifier, baby laughing uncontrollably at dog eating, kid shoots water at his face, adorable little baby playig phone with her foot, spelling parakeet… penguin!

Kid throws rings at the wedding, boy chills with baby ducks in the pool, baby sleeps on command, baby cries when he takes his mask off, dog pulls baby from the stroller, worst parent of the year award playing in the snow, something caught in his mouth, girl rides her jeep on two wheels, uranus – myanus, baby leans on toy, amazing magic trick, kid can’t drink on water fountain, baby falls on cake, baby vs dog fight for toy, baby scared of mom with facemask

Kid gets excited when the phone rings, baby laughs at dog barking, mom walks on their first kiss, kid with hangers, quadruplets laughing together with mom, girl tries to stop dog from pooping, lego stuck ieth, amazing girl with hula hoop, kid won’t touch his dad’s razor ever again, kid in karate class comes rushing to defend girl, dinosaur toy stuck in his tooth, no answer