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33 Ava Ryan Moments

Little Ava reflects on daily life, the things we all think about and go thru on daily basis.

Adorable ex Vine star Ava Ryan breaks the internet again with her cute compilations of wisdom.

Cute vines Ava Ryan

How to get of an awkward situation
I gotta go home cause I forgot to vacuum my room, I’ll be back

When you feel like a grandmother
I am old!
– How old are you?
Sixteen! I’m a grandmother!

Saying hi to the neighbors
Hi friend, hello friend… friend, friend, friend!

When you have big goals
What job do you wanna have when you grow up?
– Cupcake!

Ava scare people at Target

Scaring people at Target

I thought she was having a quiet, introspective nature walk
What are you thinking about?

You’re winning! You’re winning at life, you’re winning!

I smell like beef, I smell like beef, I smell like…

Morning routine
Shower, put perfume on and losh, armpit fresh and then go

On single life
Just go live your life and be single, just go boyfriend store, or be single

Smelling candles
Mmm, this smells delish!
This smells like an armpit ick

Look it, look it! It’s freakin’ bats, I love Halloween

Its Freakin Bats

Almost forgot to buy her almonds
Mom, get my nuts, get my nuts!

You’re pretty awkward but I love you anyways.

Momma, uuuu huhh

The appropriate gift for someone you care about
I care about you, here’s some pinecones on a stick… they’re lovely

How toddler’s gossip
You have a boo boo? and like… no!

How to be smooth?
Where’s your ID?
– I don’t have an ID. I didn’t bring my purse or wallet

But she’s singing it to this troll bear
Forget that

No I don’t have a boyfriend yet, first I have to get married

When you want sushi
I’m craving some sush
– Me too

Ava, I love you
I love you the freakin’ mostest!

How to drop a subtle hint that you want something at the store
Hm, it’s cute.. I wish I could get it, but..

Friendship is easy
I waved to that girl, she waved to me

When you don’t know how to respond to something sweet
You’re like my whole heart
– Uhmm, you are my whole… vein

You are my best friend in the world
– We’re two bacons in love
Yeah we are

When you see classy Jen and she’s trying to be fancy
Look, that’s classy Jen over there, uhh, trying to be all fancy

When you find the right dress
I fond the one…

When you love Halloween
Why do you like Halloween so much? It’s always Halloween in my soul

What to say when you don’t have any money for Christmas presents?
I would just be like “Oh here’s a leaf”

Mom can I marry Justin Bieber?
No, you can’t marry Justin Bieber

When you just fell in love with something
I just really fell in love with this, so can we get it? (dances) please, (dances), please.

Working my life away, I wish I could just stop and go on a cruise

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