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Charlene rants

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The adorable, funny and very talented young comedianAva Ryan as one of her characters: Charlene.

Charlene is living a very stressful and complicated life, It seems like Charlene can’t get her life together… Can you relate?

What does it feel like to actually know what you’re doing in life? Cause that never happened to me.

Oh, you’re going out tonight to the club? While I’m at home watching Netflix, eating a whole thing of Cheetos. My life is so great.

Cute Ava Ryan as Charlene

I don’t know how people can expect me to be perfect , cause I can’t even put on my lipstick on correctly like…

When people say I wake up early, I go to sleep early… What planet are you from? I never want to go to that planet. I’m from the late sleep and wake up late planet. I’m doing this video at literally 2 O clock, and that’s when i woke up

One of the best parts of these vids is hearing Katie (Ava’s mom) cracking up.

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